Monthly Archives: November 2006

Rock and roll lifestyle

It looks like I got the most important stuff crossed off on my to-do list. The picture to the right here is the final tshirt design. If you are going to Indy states this weekend you can buy one of only eight that are for sale, but the price is right at only ten dollars.

In addition to printing the tshirts I have also got the episodes of Floor 42 up on youtube and they will be going out over the schalictocast feed in a few days. I have also created a page for Floor 42 here on my blog. Oh, and the second episode of the Yoyowiki Podcast is up now too.

That means that I am leaving tonight at 7pm with John-Bot. We are heading to Oshkosh to pick up Abe and crash for the night. Then early in the morning we are off to Indianapolis. Friday night is a BBQ at Takeshi’s house and then Saturday is the contest. This is going to be an action packed weekend, I hope to see you there!


Getting really super anxious

My mom is a really anxious person, and I inherited some of that. In the past year I have gotten pretty good at getting zen all up in the face of my anxiousness. But I have a lot of stuff that needs to come together in the next couple days and my stomach is really starting to tie into knots. I think I just started trying to tackel too much stuff just before a big road trip. What I need is a to do list.

The Schalicto big and friendly “To-Do” list:

  1. Record second episode of the Yo-yo Wiki Podcast
  2. Get all of my information off of dead harddrives
  3. Print transparencies for the John-Bot tshirt
  4. Create the best screens I have ever made for the John-Bot tshirts.
  5. Print the John-Bot tshirts
  6. Create iPod formats of Floor 42 episodes
  7. Break up Floor 42 episodes so that they will fit on youtube
  8. Put Floor 42 on youtube and the Schalictocast Podcast feed.
  9. Get FM tuner for my iPod
  10. Get tire changed on wifes car
  11. Drop car off at the inlaws
  12. Change oil in wifes car

A few of the items on my list I have already been working on. A few are already scheduled. But everything needs to be done before I leave on Thursday night, and that makes me want to vomit.

Actually I’m feeling a little bit better now that I have a list. Wish me luck.


Holy Crap!!1

This is an oldy but a goody. This is the second out of four yo-yoing narratives that I have made. This one was made in the summer of 2004. At that time I was really big into the works of Salvador Dali, especially his short film An Andalusian Dog. So I really wanted to make something that would steal honor his work. This is without a doubt the best of my four yo-yoing narratives and it deals with some very complex themes and emotions (like “OMG” and “LOL”). This work is not creative commons and the music and video is used without permission.


Saccer Fidelis Tyrannosaurus

As you might have noticed, I love using my new video camera. My biggest complaint about the camera is that the battery only lasts for an hour of recording. So Lindsay came home from work the other day saying that she ordered an after market extended life battery for my camera. It came in yesterday, and it is freaking huge.

My new video camera with extended battery

As you can see from the picture, it is almost as big as the camera itself. I put the battery to the test and charged it up and then started it recording, and it recorded for over seven hours. It ended up filling up the harddrive and running out of battery at about the same time. The best part was we only paid $40 for the battery that normally goes for four times that in stores.

It’s Sic Semper Tyrannus. You said, “Always pay for terrible lizard.”

Schalictocast for your iPod?

I have gotten a few requests for higher quality versions of my videos and I have been wanting to podcast them, so I did both. If you click the “pages” link on the left hand side of the screen you’ll see a new page titled “Schalictocast Podcast” and if you click that link you’ll find out all the information about the Schalictocast. It’s also currently up on the iTunes store, so just load up the iTunes store and search for Schalicto and you’ll find it (you’ll also find the Yo-yo Wiki podcast). Word.


Word of the Day, Pontificate

The other day I was accused of pontificating. I don’t remember the situation but I think I was being some kind of jerk. The word has been going through my head since then wondering what the exact meaning was. I figured out that it was based on the word Pontiff, but I wasn’t acting like the pope in any way that I could derive. So I looked it up.

Pon-tif-i-cate (noun)

1. To administer opinion or judgement in a dogmatic way.

Yeah, I could see myself doing that. It’s a good word, use it in a sentance today. Like “Josh, quit pontificating, music is just a matter of taste”.