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LAN party tonight, are you game?

The 1622 LAN party is a go once more so that’s where I’ll be spending my night. I’m a little frustrated about the event because there was supposed to be a schedule of games that we’re going to play so that we can arrive with those games already loaded, unfortunately I have gotten no such schedule. I feel that I am free to bitch about this on my blog because the host of the 1622 LAN party prides herself on the fact that she doesn’t read this. 😛

Yesterday was an awesome College for the Easily Amused. A whole mess of people were there and we did some freestyles and were merry. I got video of all the freestyles and I’m in the process of uploading them all to yotube right now. It was great seeing Kevin Gretch doing a half way good freestyle, and Arianna Cormier come out of her shell a little to freestyle for us. Not to mention Dazzling Dave who is a consummate performer.

I have also screen printed some shirts for my buddy SteveDave, I’ll get pictures of them online soon.

Happy New Year! network is going down!

EVERYONE DUCK! SCHALICTO.COM IS GOING DOWN! In the tech world the term “going down” is general a bad thing, it’s different from “getting down” or even “dropping”. This weekend my hosting company is going to migrate my server from php 4 to php 5 and that means there is going to be lots of down time. But it’s something that we have to do to make the website y2k+7 compliant. This is going to affect all of my sites including floor42online, drownradio, davepoyzerismyhero, and others.

If you’re looking for something to do while my site is down, please head on over to and edit something. We have a big initiative right now to tag all the yo-yo articles to the category “yo-yo”. Yo-Yo Wiki has really grown in the past month, we have several new editors and stuff is going really well. And stay tuned for next year because I’ll be making a huge announcement, and it’s pretty awesome!


Why I hate the Transformers Movie Trailer

I don’t normally like to be a ranting blogger as is my nature, however I let myself go when it comes to movie trailers. I would like to be very specific and say that I am not judging the movie because I have not seen the movie, but I am judging the trailer on it’s own merrits. Since the trailer represents what the studio wants us to know about the movie I can’t help but be a little apprehensive about the movie.

Movie Trailer Review, Episode 7

I went and saw Night at the Museum with Lindsay and her sister, it was fun, it didn’t irritate me at all.

Shrek the Third

In the trailer we are led to believe that Shrek has a kid and maybe he has to spend some time as a human or something.  There is a funny screen where Pinocchio sufficiently obfuscates the truth without lying.  The trailer was cute and funny.  No real complaints here.

Oceans 13

I hated the remake of Oceans 11, kicked and screamed when I saw trailers for Oceans 12 and now I’ve just given up.  Whoopy doo.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

This trailer is still confusing me.  Did the 2005 Fantastic Four movie make money?  Did it make enough money to justify a sequel?  In the interest of full disclosure I’ll admit that I didn’t see the movie, but I avoided it with good reason.  Down to the trailer; it was alright.  We see Silver Surfer swoop in an crash a funeral that the Fantastic Four are attending so Johnny Storm lights up and chases him through the city.  I did enjoy the trailer, and I love the Silver Surfer but I don’t foresee myself seeing this movie and I do foresee this moving being another colossal failure for the Fantastic Four franchise.


This is the next baby from Disney and Pixar and in the interest of full disclosure I LOVED THIS TRAILER!  In it we see a rat in a fancy French restaurant trying to steal some food.  Then the rat explains to us that he loves fine food and that just because he is a rat doesn’t mean that he should eat garbage.  And that’s the whole trailer.  Pixar does a great job of telling us about the movie, and giving us a feel for the comedy without showing us everything from the actual movie.

The Simpsons

Ooooh, I’m drooling a little bit about this one.  The trailer starts off with a cute CG bunny and a voice over tells us that lots of movies are cute and CG but that The Simpsons movie is ugly and 2D!  Then we see a hilarious set up of Homer and Bart on the roof of their house and Homer is trying to nail a shingle to the roof, we can clearly see this thumb over the head of the nail as he draws back the hammer to strike.  We sitting pondering what hilarity will ensue once Homer brings the hammer down on his thumb, but that doesn’t happen!  Before we can even finish imagining that potential comedy Homer lands the spiky rear of the hammer squarely in his eye, and then comedy ensues.  It’s a fantastic set up and an even better execution.  I rely on the Simpsons, even on their weaker episodes, to never disappoint. 



Merry Christmas!

John Hodgman’s (The PC) Book “The Areas of My Expertise” For Free In iTunes

John Hodgman’s book “The Areas of My Expertise,” a satirical almanac, is available as a free download as an audiobook, narrated by John Hodgman himself, from iTunes, no strings attached. This is not a sample, but a full 7 hours, and even includes parts not in the original book, including musical accompaniment by Jonathan Coulton. (Link to iTunes). Seriously guys, don’t miss this one. Mom, Dad, Doc, other friends as well, download this audiobook.

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