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Update on NewsRadio Season 5

Last month I posted a blog about waiting for NewsRadio Season 5 to be released on DVD. A reader named Cody pointed out a website that claimed that the DVD would be released on March 20th 2007 and we all rejoiced. I just noticed that Amazon finally has a listing for it too. The 5th season of NewsRadio is great despite the loss of Phil Hartman and the addition of the inadequate Jon Lovitz. My favorite thing about the 5th season is the story arch where Jimmy James is accused of being DB Cooper, but it turns out that Adam West was the real DB Cooper.


Yahoo! Messenger

Is it just me, and it’s entirely possible that it is, or is Yahoo! Messenger the worst program on the Internet?  And not only their messenger program, but the whole Yahoo! service in general.  I used to have a schalicto at address that I would use for spam mail, then one day about three years ago I couldn’t log into it anymore.  I never did figure out why despite all of my emails due to the fact that I probably lied about a couple things when I first set the account up in the stone ages of the Internet (1996).  So with my iconic nickname no longer available for a Yahoo! account I decided to go a slightly different direction and went with joshparkerb3studios.  You might be wondering why the hell I would even want a Yahoo! account and it’s a good question, it turns out that Yahoo! shoveled money at Flickr and now they own it.  I love Flickr, I think it is the easiest way to share pictures  and I love that they let you hot link the image at sizes ranging from avatar to original, but I digress.  So I have had that yahoo account for a couple of years but I could never get the Yahoo! Messenger working with it properly, probably due to the fact that I almost refuse to use their Yahoo! Messenger program and prefer the more elegant solutions of Trillian and  But today I bit the bullet and downloaded their terrible piece of crappy crap and ran the install (making sure to do the custom install to avoid having Yahoo! put shitty crappy profanity malware on my system in the form of Yahoo! toolbar and other such crap) and logged in, the first thing I tried to do was add my buddy Moon, and it didn’t work…. so I tried to add my niece Ashley and the program crashed.  THE PROGRAM CRASHED!  Trying at add a contact caused the program to crash!  I can’t even believe it!  I don’t understand how anyone can put up with this program.  I tried it three more times and got the same result each time, so now I am sitting and typing this while looking at the dead gray box of a crashed Yahoo! Messenger…. I’m slightly irritated right now.  The prevailing theory is that Microsoft will buy yahoo this year in an attempt to acquire their bewildering user-base I could believe it seeing as Yahoo! Messenger is just a modified MSN (or Live) Messenger and they both seem to have a problem with getting things done right.

It’s almost enough to make me abandon my loves of and Flickr just so that I can be rid of Yahoo!


Digital Cameras and Yo-Yos

I have been writing about yo-yoing a lot lately.  It’s strange.  Really, I’ve got a lot more going on than just yo-yoing.  But here goes.

This is a picture of the Dert by Russ Andert.  It’s light and slightly undersized and I love it.

This is my favorite picture from the group.

The End.

A comparison between The End, The Peak and The Dert.

The Underdog, The Peak, The Pyro, The End, The Dert.  Yummers.

The Pyro, doesn’t it just look hot?


Yum yum.

Great shot.  Love this one.

This is another great picture.  Thank you.

I still need some work, but I think a lot of it will come with setting up a better macro studio.  If you look closely you can see a reflection of me in the bearing on The End in a couple shots. These are all up on my flickr account with a lot more,
And you can see higher quality version of them there too.  Really, the high res versions are, um, too much for casual viewing and you should probably use them as the background on your computer.
yum yum.

Studio 60 Stole from Me

The first episode of my old show contained a sketch called “Trading Cases” that contained allusions to a show I made up called “Pimp My Trike”.  That was one of the hilarious contributions that I made to sketch waaay back in 2003.  Bravo was running a marathon of “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” and it caught my interest, but then I was shocked to see them reference “Pimp My Trike”!  Is it possible that Aaron Sorkin watched the first episode of “Floor 42”?  No.  I decided to Google “Pimp My Trike” and I found this video, I guess that I’m not the only person to come up with that joke but I do think I predated all of them.

On the topic, I really enjoy “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip”.  I was a lukewarm fan of “Sports Night” and I felt that “West Wing” was waay too heavy handed to actually be enjoyed.  Sorkin’s try at the late night ring is light enough to be likeable but still provides opportunity for him to be unnecessarily liberal.  I particularly like the character of Harrier Hayes who is a devout Christian but not a member of the loony republican right.  Sorkin has really created some likeable “real” characters.