Monthly Archives: February 2007

The way that I could benefit from death and disability

Minnesota is in a panic.  The forecasters are talking about a global mega-storm that will certainly wipe every single living soul off of the map.  Last night we were supposed to get a million inches of snow (depending on what station you watched) but this morning it turned out to be less than a dusting.  Now the meteorologist are saying that the storm is holding off for a few hours so that it could get a good meal and hit the gym first, tonight it will hit us for sure!  And then we’ll all die.

Well, death or no death, I am going to college today.  I know there are a few people who won’t be there because they (or their parents) are scared of death.  I hope that you’ll be there because I haven’t seen you for a while. 

Oh, and my bathroom was flooded again this morning, same thing that happened last time.  It’s going to be a great day.


Say "Hi" to me on Meebo Me

Meebo Me is pretty much the coolest widget ever.  You might have noticed it sitting off to the left there, and wondered what it is.  It’s a chat program so that you can say “Hi” to me whenever I’m online and you are on my website, how cool is that?  The widget will tell you if I’m online or not and if I am online all you have to do is type something and press enter!  Meebo Me will asign you a random nickname, or you can put your own nickname in if’n ya like.

I know it’s kind of a novelty, but I think the technology of it is super awesome.  I hope you have fun with it.


The Milk; Bringing Sexy Back

Alright, for real, I had a pretty sweet weekend.  After work on Saturday I met up with Aaron, Joe and Trevor to see “Ghost Rider”.  The movie was pretty terrible, but it seems like it was terrible on purpose and I really enjoyed it.  The movie was directed by Mark Steven Johnson who did “Daredevil” and “Elektra” so I don’t have too much faith in his writing and directing ability.  But I think he got it right with “Ghost Rider”.

When I got home from the movie I was thrilled to see a package from Paul Yath containing my newest yo-yo, The Milk. The yo-yo is unbelievable, it’s a recessed silicone SPR yo-yo made from machined delrin.  If the standard in stability is the Pyro then this is the first plastic yo-yo that meets that standard.  I love the SPR system for replacing the response system.  Mine came stock with recessed silicone, but when the yo-yo hits stores you’ll be able to get replacements for recessed sticker and various other response systems.  Paul also sent me some of his “ghost stickers” and I don’t really know a lot about them, but they seem to be an adhesive silicone sticker.  I stuck one in my pyro, and I’m loving it.

Speaking of my pyro, I love it but I’ve been having a hard time finding a response system that I’m really happy with.  Well, so far the Ghost Stickers seem to be just the thing.

Anywho, shortly after being thrilled with the new yo-yo the wife came home.  And that meant that it was time to leave.  Saturday night marked the earliest that her work has ever managed to do their Christmas party.  It was a good night, the party was at Kozlaks Royal Oaks.

Sunday morning I was working at a Gophers Game, so I had to get up early.  After running a drawing at the game I met up with Lindsay in Oakdale to look at some more houses with our realtor.  The first one had a mold problem, the second one was too small, the third one was a general kind of scary, and the fourth one had no basement and a bad furnace.

Once we were done looking at houses I had my first opportunity to rest this weekend.  And we did.  Lindsay and I curled up on the couch and took a nap.  It was great.  I have a lot of stuff on my plate for this week, and I don’t think I’ll have much chance to rest.  Look for new college for the easily amused shirts soon.  Cheers.


Malliflouis personal essay

The 2007 New Websters Dictionary defines $5.62 as “five hundred and sixty two pennies” or “a unit of American currency that is expressed as 5 31/50”.  Fuck if I know what that means to me, but I got a pair of Levi’s jeans with the number 501 stitched into them.  I don’t think that makes me especially cool or anything, but those jeans did give me urticaria.  Did you know that Saloth Sar had psoriasis?  Yep, he had skin like a crocodile.  I just looked up “psoriasis” to see how it is spelled and I saw some really gross pictures.  Ish. I guess that was my comic opening.

In March of 2006 I paid $150 dollars for a metal yo-yo.  It’s become something of an addiction for me and I’m starting to have trouble with it.  The yo-yo was beautiful, it was a modified raw Eetsit that had been lathed to modify the bearing seat and response system.  The company that modified them was called “Yes, Absolutely” and they had purchased the raw Eetsits from “Anti-Yo”.  Yes, Absolutely released only 25 of these yo-yos and they called them “The End”.  Today that yo-yo has a lot of dings and scratches in it’s amortization and even a little wobble.  With a dash of irony “The End” was just the beginning of splurging on high end yo-yos.

A Buddhist monk once wrote “as skillful behavior becomes second nature and you develop more sensitivity, you see that self-identification, even of the most refined sort, is harmful and stressful. You have to let it go”.  Is that the place that I am at?  Do I have to let go of my love for this skill in order to progress in my life?  Do other successful people give up golf or watching football?

Playing with a yo-yo is like a mellifluous dance, like a belly dancer with castanets dancing to the music.  It’s my hobby, it’s my skill and I don’t think it’s going away any time soon.  While I was writing this essay, I dropped another $75 on a yo-yo called “The Milk” and completely by coincidence the crazy California tax was exactly $5.62.


Weighing in on this Steve Jobs nonsense

Steve Jobs makes shovels of money.  Did you know that?  He makes dump trucks full of money by making Apple stock go up.  He doesn’t get paid as C.E.O. he only gets paid by making Apple stock go up.

Do you know why people use the iTunes store?  Because if they own an iPod, they have to.  And then when when they want to upgrade to a new MP3 player, they have to stick with the iPod because they have all of those iTunes songs.  It’s a self perpetuating cycle and I hate it.

I have never purchased music on the Internet because I think it is a waste of money.  I suffered that huge data last a few months back and if I didn’t own all of those CD’s I would have never gotten that music back!

Last week Steve Jobs wrote that he would love to sell music without DRM, and I think that is utter bullshit.  I think those words are the same thing that exits from a donkey’s rear-end.  The iTunes store needs to DRM it’s music to keep it’s users using iPod’s and there are no two ways about that. 

On the other hand, the iTunes/iPod relationship makes for a great user experience for people like my Mom.  She doesn’t know what DRM is or that any of the music that she buys from iTunes is covered in it, she just know’s that it works.

I hate DRM, but right now I think I dislike Steve Jobs just a little bit more for being such a phoney.  I can’t wait for Zune 2.0, I could see myself buying that.