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Takedown two! The Yo-Yo Wiki story!

 A few weeks ago you I blogged about a takedown notice I got from The Ned Show reguarding some posters that someone had uploaded to Yo-Yo Wiki.  Today it happened again and on a much cooler level. Check it out.

The letter is from Nordic Group of Companies Ltd (the eventual owner of Duncan Yo-Yo’s)and they are saying that is infriging on two of their copyrights, namely the words “IMPERIAL” and “FREEHAND”.  It’s a good point, and the matter of a company defending their trademark is very important, espcailly since Duncan lost their trademark on “Yo-Yo” in 1965 federal case of Donald F. Duncan, Inc. v. Royal Tops Mfg. Co.

There are a couple things that really bother me about the letter, one is that they got the domain wrong and if they really intended to send the letter to the owner of they should have sent it to “Wan-Fu China, Ltd. (YOYOWIKI-COM-DOM) P.O.Box CB-11901 Nassau, BS”.  The other thing that bothered me was that they assert that they have a trademark on “FREEHAND”.  That is total bs.  My response as follows. 








Well, at least this will give me something interesting to talk about at Minnesota States, which is tomorrow.  I hope you can make it.


I must have won a contest….

Things like this don’t normally happen to me.  Yesterday all of my dominoes were lined up.  It was beautiful.

First off, I had the rare pleasure of reading the paper this morning and there was a recommendation in the Pioneer Press for a coffee shop that I had never heard of, so I went there.  It’s called Kopplin’s Coffee and it’s on the corner of Hamline and Randolph.  I watched them make the coffee and noticed that the coffee machine was uber but I didn’t get a chance to figure out exactly what it was doing, their website says it’s a Clover 1s and it’s the only one in Minnesota.  The Clover 1s apparently IS uber and utilizes techniques from both Vac Pots and Press Pots.  It’s the best cup of coffee that I have ever had.  And the owner Andrew Kopplin is an avid blogger.  Yippy!

What’s next?  Oh yeah, the article about me 🙂  This is one of the better articles about yo-yoing that I have seen.  The writer, Mike Morgan, really captured the sport in the article and he really got what I was saying.  And the photographer, Paul Dols, was fantastic.  He really took the time to get great looking shots that make me look awesome.  I’m pretty sure the main picture is manipulated though, what do you think?

And we got a house.  What’s that you say?  A house?  That’s right.  On Tuesday night we looked at a house in North Saint Paul, we liked it so we put in an offer.  Then yesterday (Wednesday), we got a counteroffer from them, and we gave them a counteroffer and it went on like that for most of the day until we arrived at terms that we both could agree with.  It was simply amazing.  After our last offer, which took two weeks to hear anything, it was really invigorating to have things go so quickly.  We have an inspection tomorrow morning from 9am until 12.  I’m feeling anxious, but it’s a good kind of anxious, not the type that makes me throw up and stuff.


Boy howdy! And other things of interest!

Boy, I sure wish that someone who knew a lot more than me would post a blog about hydrogen fuel cells working in conjunction with solar panels and the viability of that application in the modern world.

I recorded a new Yo-Yo Wiki Podcast last night with Doctor Popular.  He just returned from the Mediocre Tour so he had lots to say about that.  It will debut on tonight and it’ll be available for download tomorrow.

I’ve been looking into TalkShoe a lot lately.  It’s a really neat tool for doing teleconferencing and podcasting with a live audience.  I really like the idea and I was planning to do a Yo-Yo Wiki Podcast on TalkShoe, but then I discovered that it doesn’t have VOIP capabilities yet and you have to dial into TalkShoe with a phone or skype or some other VOIP tool.  I didn’t buy the unlimited skype package when it was offered in January, so that’s not really a viable options for me.  I’ll be interested to see how it will work once TalkShoe does integrate VOIP.

We put in an offer on another house last night.  It’s a really cool and old story and a half in North Saint Paul.  I’m pretty excited.


raising a two car garage

We ended up looking at five houses today.  Starting with an abandoned old farm house in Hugo that I liked and Lindsay hated.  Then we moved on to a tiny charming little place in White Bear that was very nice but just did not even have a single conforming bedroom.  Then we went to a gutted house close to the lake, we still like that one but only because we think we could make some money off of it.  After the gutted house we drove down Mcknight to a rambler on 7th street, it’s my favorite so far.  The price is right but the kitchen is needs to be rebuilt before the house would be livable.  Around the block there was an open house that our realtor knew about so we peaked in on it, the house was charming.  Good sized rooms, full basement and a very fine kitchen, but no dining area!  There was room enough for a tiny two person table in the kitchen, but aside from that there was no place for people to eat.  I can’t imagine how a house can have such a nice kitchen but no room for people to serve dinner!  Oh well, after the open house we ended the day with a little rambler in Saint Paul, I was gung-ho until I realized that the house was in a different neighborhood than I thought it was and the crime was a little bit higher.  I’d like to thank Teresa Boardman for pointing out this link to me of crime stats for Saint Paul neighborhoods.  Teresa has a great blog about Saint Paul real estate and one of the easiest home search tools around, the only thing I’d like to see is a dynamic rss feed for home search results.