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We sure do have a lot of squirrels around here

One of the biggest things that I have noticed about this new house is the number of squirrels.  Our apartment up in Hugo had some squirrels, sure who doesn’t?  But Hugo is over-run by frogs and our development didn’t have any old growth trees so most of the squirrels didn’t hang around.

But in North Saint Paul, squirrels all over the place.  You go outside and you have to fight two or three off with a stick just to get to the lawn mower, and then they tend to stay away… I guess they are kind of like Zombies.  I suppose the squirrel infestation could be caused by the two feeders we have in our backyard, but I’m afraid that if I take the feeders out then they will just get angry.

Sorry about the big gap in posting here, it’s due to a few different things, all of which I will talk about now. First we moved.  Then we painted.  Then we unpacked.  But overall I can’t get my wireless router to work right now so I can’t write on my laptop like I normally do and it took me awhile to get motivated enough to install Windows Live Writer on my  desktop.

So far the house is everything that we expected it to be, the first night we were here we tripped a circuit breaker because there is way too much stuff on one circuit.  The closets are way too small, hopefully we will be able to remedy that with some constructive construction.  And last but not least, this whole deal is really expensive.  Yep, it’s everything that we expected it to be.

The rest of my pictures are up on my flickr stream. Check them out.


Things to do for the new house.

We had our mortgage closing this morning.  So the house is officially ours today, but we don’t get to occupy it until tomorrow at 4pm.  Here is what I have to do today.

To Do List…

  1. Call and schedule a carpet cleaner 486-4886
  2. Call Xcel energy for the Gas 800-824-1688
  3. Call North Saint Paul for utilites 651-747-2400
  4. Call the state to do homesteading 651-266-2000
  5. Buy a cable modem
  6. Schedule Comcast to come out 800-COMCAST
  7. Bitch about Comcast customer service
  8. Change address with Post Office


Update: At the end of my call with Xcel they transferred me to some third party to “verify” my order.  That third party told me they could help me with my Cable needs too.  They told me that my options were Charter Cable or Comcast Cable… that was wrong but she realized her mistake pretty quickly.  So we started talking about Comcast Cable services, I quickly realized that she knew the packages but she really didn’t know what she was talking about beyond that.  She told me that I would need an HD receiver in order to receive HD cable.  I explain that I don’t have an HD receive but I get HD cable right now just fine.  She insisted that there was no way that I could get HD cable without an HD receiver.  I told her that I have a cable box right now and I get all my channels just fine and that she was probably smoking crack…. Our call ended shortly after that.

Update 2: Contacting Comcast has been a *task* so far.  Janet is going to help me.  This whole thing is a racket. In other news, Dish Network isn’t that expensive…. and their website is awesome.

Update 3: I’m still shocked at the price of a cable modem.

Bungee String by YoYoFargo

I got a pack of Bungee String from YoYoFargo in the mail last week to beta test.  I immediately ripped the package open and stuck a string on my Milk.  The Bungee String is very thick, it’s probably fifty percent thicker than the average type eight string.

As a result of he thickness of the string the knot that makes the loop on the finger end is kinda large and different but it didn’t end up being as big of a deal as I thought that it would.  The first day of this string was really wonky as the elasticity really effected the play of the yo-yo, suicides didn’t work out, spirit bomb was funny and just about everything else was strange.

Now I have been using the same string for about a week and the elasticity has died down but the silky smoothness has remained.  I love this piece of string.  I’ll update this when I get to the point that I have to change this string, but right now it is smooth and the string opens for suicides.

Did I mention the string is smooth?  Like nothing else.


The Rok by FurphYo

I had the chance to play with The Rok by FurphYo today.  This a yo-yo that needs some work.  There is nothing about The Rok that I like. 

The Rok is an undersized and over-wide “high end” aluminum yo-yo.  It’s available with a coating of anodization or powdercoating, the version that I used was the anodized.  The stock bearing is a standard large bearing and it uses flowable silicone response.

Let’s start with the anodization.  It’s just about the worst looking anodization that I have seen, the colors are not very strong and the yo-yo appears to have no sanding or blasting before the anodization process.  Look at the (terrible) picture to the right and you’ll see the inside of the inner rim, notice where the anodization has warn off?  That happened the first time the owner of this yo-yo did a inner rim grind.  In the picture you can also see the machining lines.

The biggest problem that the yo-yo has is the relationship between the bearing seat, response system and gap width.  You’ll notice in the two pictures of the bearing in this article that the bearing is seated deeper in the yo-yo than the ridge that starts the gap.  Since the bearing is seated so deep in the yo-yo it makes the gap on the yo-yo awkwardly small.  The main thing that this yo-yo needs to fix the problem is for the bearing seat to be flush with the inside wall of the yo-yo… but that would make the yo-yo even wider than it already is so the best option might be to junk the design and take what can be learned from this design back to the drawing board.

I have talked to David Furphy on the Yo-Yo Wiki Podcast and he seems like a good guy but I take issue with a price tag of $80 on this yo-yo that is pretty much unusable.