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Get your Windows Live Writer Beta 2

Windows live writer is one of the coolest applications for writing blog entries and unlike the name implies it is not just for use with Windows Live.  The second beta was just released (I am using it now) and so far it rocks super hard.pirate_pom

This little Pirate Puppy is from Cute Overload.  Isn’t he just the end all?  I’m just putting it in the blog here to test out the photo posting capabilities (which Microsoft claims are “improved”) which seem to be about the same as the previous version of Live Writer.  This updated version is a must have for any blog writer.


Hated it….

Pirates of the Caribbean 3 is the worst movie of 2007.  It completely failed to engage me on any level.  I sat three hours bored and waiting for the funny and exciting stuff to happen but all I got was boredom and confusion.

That said I predict that it will be the highest grossing movie of 2007.  It will beat the weekend box office record that Spiderman just set and critics will praise it…. I sure hope it doesn’t get nominated for an Oscar, that would definitely ruin my day.


Pavers, Koi and Candles

Sorry about not posting, I really am.  I’ve been doing a lot of work in our yard and that takes me away from my computer.  Lindsay is at a candle party tonight so I actually have a little time to do some writing. 

This past weekend we tore up our porch to fix the sink hole and it worked out great except when we moved the bottom step the whole thing fell apart so we had to rebuild the step from the ground up, that project isn’t entirely finished yet, but it will be soon.  We also took down some branches and I was splitting wood with an axe like a friggen lumberjack, it took me right back to my boyscout days. 

The other big project that we have been working on is our Koi pond.  The pond was there when we moved in so we decided to utilize it.  We built up a waterfall and got a few plants and finally on Saturday we put some Koi in.  They were really shy at first but just today they started to come out more and swim around.  They are actually coming up to the surface to say “hi” 🙂  Except that when they see one of us they still get scared and swim away.  Oh well, it’s a start.  We noticed that the pond started to get really murky today so we picked up some kind of… um… anti murky potion to try and fix it.

What else?  Um…. all the updates that XP needs on a fresh install are really dumb.  Testdisk is a really cool partition recovery program.  I’m going to Des Moines on Saturday so that I can turn around and come back…. that means I have to have my iPod all prepped and ready to go.  I really like Ubuntu and I can’t wait to try Linux MCE.


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Dual booting Ubuntu and Xp

After many trials and tribulations I have successfully set up my computer to dual boot Ubuntu and Xp.  It’s not as easy as they say that it is unless you do it right the first time.

Now to get my iPod to synch with Ubuntu and find a program that will record a skype call in Linux.  The most recent episode of the Yo-Yo Wiki Podcast (Episode 25) I recorded by having my laptop host the conference and it ended up sounding alright so it’ll be a good work-around until I find a permanent solution.