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Three paycheck month

All of my budgeting has always revolved around two paycheck months.  This worked perfectly when I got paid twice a month (15th and last day) but now that I am paid every other week it get’s a little confusing but it still works out if I do my budgeting just assuming that I will get two paychecks a month.  BUT!  Every once in a while I get paid three times in a month and it’s all money outside of normal budgeting and that means I get to spend it! 

The timing on this could not have been better because on Sunday we lost a Koi.  We went out to the pond and one of our Koi was looking really sluggish (and he wasn’t swimming away from us), a few hours later he was dead.  How sad is that?  Fortunately this money has given me the opportunity to buy a larger much more hearty Koi from Linders.malcolm

There he is.  He is a good two-three inches longer than the other Koi in the pond and he is a lot more friendly.  Almost immediately after I introduced him into the pond I noticed the other Koi getting more social.  The downside to this Koi is that he seems to be eating a lot more and I think he is going to start eating the plants and he is going to teach the other fish to eat the plants… which is generally okay but I hope they don’t get carried away.

crewofserenity Several people have asked me if I have named the fish and with the introduction of this new fish I decided it was time to give them names.  Here goes…. the new fish is Malcolm.  The fish in the picture closest to the side of the pond is Zoe.  Then the four fish behind the two from top to bottom are River, Simon, Kaylee, and Wash.  SNAP!  You may have noticed that I didn’t include Jayne in there because I figured if the largest fish is Malcolm (because he is the leader) then there can’t be a Jayne, right?

On a note related to money but unrelated to Koi, we are buying a grill tonight!  I can’t freaking wait!


MWR 2007

 This weekend was the ninth annual Midwest Regional Yo-yo contest at the Mall of America.

joshanddaveThis year was one of the best contests in years with lots of players coming from all over the nation.  The Ramen tour starting from Delaware made their way up to Minnesota and that brought with them Danny and Tyler Severance, Sebastian Brock, Joey Fleshman and Ky Zizan.  Sebastian Brock ended up winning the 1A division with Alex Berenguel coming in a close second and winning the seed to nationals.  juneauandalex

Earlier this year I blogged about the changes to the seeding rules at Nationals.  Now if a yo-yoer wants to compete at Nationals they will have to place top five at a regional contest.  And a regional contest gives the seed to the top five yo-yoers from the region plus the top from overall.  So they have a potential ten seeds they could give out.  AND the top placing player from the region gets a seed directly to the finals at Nationals, so that’s what Alex won.  I’ve said it before but it’s worth saying again, I think Alex Berenguel could/will win Nationals.  Best of luck to him the first weekend of October.


Other news fro the weekend included John Narum breaking his junior division world records for Whip Catches and Eli Hops.  John is a little bit like the Tiger Woods of yo-yoing and I wonder that when he is no longer a junior division contestant if anyone will be able to break the records he set.

Boyd Seth was at the contest, I like this kid, the picture above features him sporting his new grillz trick.

davepoyzer On Saturday night the Ramen Tour and a bunch of other people came over to my house and we hung out.  It’s worth mentioning that their car broke down and so they spent the night after the contest worrying about how they were going to get home.  They ended up buying bus tickets.  Life is what happens when your plans don’t work out.  I hope they make it home okay, this trip will give them stories to talk about the for the rest of their life.

All of my photos are up at plus Chris Larson was walking around with his Nikon D80 and his pictures are online at his photobucket account.  It’s nice not to be the only photographer covering a contest.


MWR 2007 T-Shirt Logo

MWR 2007 T-Shirt Logo, originally uploaded by joshparkerb3studios.

Remember that logo I posted yesterday? Well I lied. Shortly after I posted that blog I got an email from Scott saying “WAIT WAIT! That logo sucked! Use this one!”

So I made a last minute dash to Kinkos to make a new transparency and voila the t-shirts are printed.

T-Shirt Panic!

I always get T-Shirt Panic! when I am on a deadline. I have to have the shirts ready by tomorrow night and I have not even made the screens yet! I just had the transparency run off at Kinkos (after complaining about their ridiculous 2.49 charge for having images that are not in PDF format) and after work it is going to be a mad dash to get emulsion on a screen and burn it. I have not done any printing since moving into the new house and I have a bunch of new equipment so I am going to be stumbling through this like it is a whole new process. I am using brand new emulsion with a new bulb and I a whole new set up, I guess the smart thing to do would be to run a test screen to determin the best time to burn. And I still need to buy the t-shirts! Here is the logo.

MWR 2007 Logo

The logo was designed by Scott Nesham. I asked Scott to do the logo for me and he agreed but I gave him the condition that it has to be one color so that I could print it. I think that limitation really stifled his creative process but the end product looks fantastic. Big thanks to him for putting this together.

Four of the t-shirts will have this printed on the back. Hot! Right? It means “to judge someone” in Japanese. Thanks to my oldest bestest friend Aaron Reiner for that.


Michael Moore hates america

I was watching the movie Sicko last night and I feel very certain that Michael Moore does hate America.  This is what the movie sounded like “Yadda yadda, American healthcare sucks because our government sucks, blah blah blah move to France”.  The throws a lot of stuff out there be he doesn’t site any sources or give me the impression that any of this stuff is fact, since seeing two movie that expose Moore’s work being largely fictional he is going to have to work a lot harder to prove to me that he is legit.  He does, however, provide some interesting information about the crooked drug companies.

I’m not exactly sure how I am supposed to wrap my capitalistic head around this one.  I want Doctors to be able to make how ever much they can make in private practice or where ever they do their doctoring.  I want drug companies to make as much as they are worth too, but does that mean being crooked?  I don’t think Ayn Rand covered what to do about a business that is obviously crooked. 

Oh well, Sicko is not Moore’s best movie to date and I think it will reflect that at the box office.