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Movie Trailer Review, Episode 13

Went and saw The Simpson’s Movie last night and it was just exactly what you would hope for in a Simpson’s movie.  I loved it.

Alvin and the Chipmunks

Remember Alvin, Simon, and Theodore, right?  Well remember them again thanks to computer animation!  The film was directed by Tim Hill who has worked heavily on SpongeBob SquarePants… so that’s good.  However the film was written by Don Rhymer who has a laundry list of writing credits including Deck the Halls, Big Momma House 2, and The Santa Clause 2.  They got Jason Lee in there as David Seville, and I guess that supposed to help the Gen Xers feel better about this film.  Bottom line is that it was a crappy trailer for a crappy B grade Hollywood film.

Bee Movie

A bee learns that humans eat honey and decides to take action.  This film has a lot of big names, Jerry Seinfeld, Renee Zellweger, Matthew Broderick, John Goodman, Chris Rock, and my personal hero Patrick Warburton.  The directors Steve Hickner and Simon J. Smith are nobodies, and the writers Spike Feresten and Barry Marder are even worse.  But enough cast and crew analyzation, the trailer was pretty funny.  It’s always cool to see Jerry Seinfeld in something.  I doubt I’ll see this film, but it could very well be a winner.

The Game Plan

The Game Plan, The Pacifier, Mr. Nanny, and Kindergarten Cop… what do these films have in common?  They all have hulking actors get their lives thrown upside down by the introduction of a child to their life.  Oh goody.  The Game Plan pits Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson against a seven year old daughter that he didn’t know he had played by Madison Pettis.  I am a big fan of The Rock as is everyone at World Headquarters (and it’s subsidiaries and and I think he’ll tackle (so to speak) this roll with charm and fun.  And Madison Pettis seems like a plucky little kid that should be fun to watch.  I’m going to go ahead and say that I will not be seeing this film, but I hope that it is better than The Pacifier.

Horton Hears A Who

This film looks amazing.  Dr. Seuss’s classic story of the Whos down in Whoville and Horton the elephant who thinks he hears them has come to the big screen under the direction of former Pixar animator Jimmy Hayward.  This looks like an honest adaptation of one of the great children’s stories.

Movie Trailer Review, Episode 12

I went and I saw Harry Potter; The Order of the Phoenix and it was my favorite one yet because it was really and actually good.

Bratz: The Movie

Based on the popular marketing ploy that resulted in dolls, clothing and an animated cartoon comes the trailer for Bratz: The Movie.  I’m picturing Mean Girls without the brains.  I’ve hated Bratz since the very first time I saw a piece of their merchandise, so I’m probably not the best person to review this trailer, but here goes.  The trailer for Bratz: The Movie shows four teenage girlfriends intent on conquering High School while the student body president makes every attempt to break up the friendships (I guess because she’s afraid… or jealous).  Whatever, it’s a terrible plot…. actually it is almost the plot of Mean Girls, but in reverse.  I know this movie was made for me, and in return I will not be seeing it.

The Bourne Ultimatum

Jason Bourne is back and he is more angry than ever.  Bent on learing the truth the trailer shows us running, driving and fighting his way to the finish line and the downfall of whatever covert government agency created him.  Director Paul Greengrass is back for the supposed final installment of the Bourne Tillogy and the trailer looks most bad-ass.  I think the second film was better than the first and I’m hoping this one will follow suit and be the best.

Balls of Fury

My buddy Aaron has been talking this movie up for a few months but I just finally got to see the trailer… and it looks awesome.  The movie has Chris Walken running an illegal underground table tennis ring, how cool is that?  The film is written and directed by Ben Garant who also created the much loved Reno 911, so good for him.  He also wrote the film Let’s Go To Prison… which makes me feel like breaking this computer right here and now.  I’ll admit, I’m going to see this movie just because Chris Walken is in it.

The Dark Is Rising

Looks terrible.  Walden Studios brings us another movie of a kid in a fantasy land, wowie.  The Dark Is Rising is about a youngster who learns that he is imortal and thus should fight evil.  The trailer does not instill me with a sense of confidence.  The movie is directed by David L. Cunningham who also directed…. um… nothing.

Fred Claus

A few years ago Will Ferrell was in that movie Elf which filled me with christmas cheer, this year I think Fred Claus is going to do the job.  Vince Vaughn stars as Fred Claus the partying brother of Santa who is forced to move to the North Pole to work in the family business.  Paul Giamatti plays Santa.  Kevin Spacey, Ludacris, and Kathy Bates all show up to help the movie along.  The film is directed by David Dobkin who proved he was no slouch when he made the 2005 sleeper success Wedding Crashers.


Two stories from Missouri States

Story number one.

I convinced my best man Joe that he needed to drive down to Missouri with me and experience the awesomeness. As we were heading into Iowa I got a call from Seth saying that he would like to grab lunch with us at Dave’s house when we passed through Des Moines. Joe never really met Dave or Seth but he knew who Dazzling Dave was and naturally assumed that he was the Dave that we would be seeing. We rolled up to Dave’s house and Dave’s Mom was in the driveway and I greeted her and introduced her to Joe as Dave’s Mom. She told use that Dave and Seth were in the basement. Joe later explained to me how confused he was about all of this because he couldn’t figure out why Dazzling Dave’s Mom was so young and why he would be hanging out in the basement with the young and spry Seth Peterson. After I introduced him to Seth and Dave his confusion was quickly resolved, but for that short period he was really confused.

Story number two.

The City Museum has a skateless skate park where kids can run up and down the vert-ramps bang their heads on large cement bowls until they are sick and tired. The skateless skate park was the location of the Sport Ladder division that I was judging with the uncompromisingly heroic Pat Cuartero. The sport ladder is typically the red-headed stepchild of modern yo-yo contests; it’s a throwback to the contests of our parents’ generation. The sport ladder proves skill with a yo-yo but it fails to showoff the older brother of skill, which is talent. What I am getting at is that nobody really cares about the sport ladder… but on July 14th in the skateless skate park of the City Museum people cared.

Pat started the event off by demonstrating all of the tricks on the ladder; if he had been competing he would have won. When Pat started the demonstration there was a small group of the ladder enthusiasts watching and the MoYo cheerleaders surrounding the performance area. As we got further down the trick ladder the crowd grew larger and larger and Pat and I had to shout louder and louder in order for everyone to hear the trick and the description. By the time that we started the judging process the whole room was packed with people watching and cheering the competitors on. The last competitor of the ladder was Nate Weddle and he was amp’d, he brought a real energy up on stage (the same energy that permeates from his Luchadore yo-yo) with a fantastic finish to the best ladder I have ever judged. I want to thank Pat and everyone who participated in the ladder that day. I couldn’t have asked for a better event to be my final judging experience.


We got a dog!

After months upon months of begging and pleading I finally caved and let Lindsay get a dog. toby1 toby2













His name is Toby and he is a two year old Cardigan Welsh Corgi.  After only a couple of hours with the dog it became painfully obvious that Toby is not my dog he is attached to Lindsay and follows her everywhere.

There are a few more pictures available up on my Flickr site