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Movie Trailer review, episode 16

I saw Stardust today with Lindsay.  We both liked it and I think people will be liking it for years to come.  We also had to sit though nine commercials… NINE!

The Golden Compass

I guess it’s based on a book series.  The polar bear looked cool.  Some actors are in it.  I don’t really care.

The Spiderwick Chronicles

Another book series.  It seemed a little bit like The Neverending Story crossed with The Chronicles of Narnia.  And it looks like pure trash.

The Nanny Diaries

If I was a professional film critic and I were paid to see this film and write an unbiased review of it then I would.  But I’m not.  This film is exactly the kind of trash that is stealing our culture…. it’s not amateur’s on the Internet it’s professionals in Hollywood making this pure turd film that cause the decline in American art.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age

“Merchant Ivory films presents….” Alright, alright, I kid.  This is a sequel to a 1998 film called “Elizabeth” and it stars Kate Blanchett.  The film is about the Spanish Inquisition and the war that England fought to keep Spain out of her boarders.  The sets and the costuming are sure to win an Academy Award and the acting is sure to be top notch.  I will avoid this movie like the plague.


Written by Neil Gaiman.  Rad.  Stupid effing motion capture.  Not rad.  I don’t understand the point of taking motion capture and making the animated figures look exactly like the actors and turning the entire movie realistic to the point that it doesn’t look animated… it just seems counter productive and way too much work.  Beowulf should have been live action, but since it’s this motion capture then I really don’t care about it.

Movie Trailer Review, Episode 15

I saw Superbad, but I already mentioned that.

Harold and Kumar Go To Amsterdam

The sequel to the spin off.  The trailed was funny.  I didn’t see the first movie and I’m sure I won’t see this one either.

Dark Knight

This was a teaser trailer.  Big effing deal.

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

Looks worst than the first one.  Terrible terrible trailer.  God damned awful.  The makers of this trailer should be ashamed of themselves… I can’t really comment on the quality of the movie but the trailer is complete rubbish.   I am carrying on because I really enjoyed the first…. I know I know, it was terrible, but I thought it was a lot of fun.  This looks… just… for lack of a better word bad.

Walk Hard; The Dewey Cox Story

This was a really good trailer.  It’s the next film from the funniest film maker in Hollywood, Judd Apatow.  John C. Reilly plays Dewey Cox, a Johnny Cash type character, in what I am going to call a mockopic.  The trailer gives us a very clear picture of the type of film that we are going to get which is a funny take on the big budget biopics that we have seen in the last several years.  Dewey Cox meets The Beatles, Elvis and other musical icons all played by big names.  The trailer has got me really excited for this movie.

What is superbad?

I don’t even know where to start with this movie review.

Remember the first time that you saw Fast Times at Ridgemount High?  Or Sixteen Candles?  Well, in twenty years people are going to be talking about the first time they saw Superbad.  It’s a classic and it’s the most original teen comedy I have ever seen. 

I guess there are two things about the movie that I want to touch on and they are both a little bit spoiler related.  The first is the Deus Ex Machina, the one event that caused the whole movie to happen.  In the film Fogell (McLovin) is buying booze for a party while Evan and Seth waited outside.  Fogell has the booze picked out and the cashier was going to sell it to him when all of a sudden WHAM! Fogell get’s knocked cold by a guy who proceeded to rob the cash register.  Soon the cops show up, Evan and Seth get freaked out and then the rest of the movie happens.  I think this moment is great because if Fogell did not get punched out then he would have gotten the booze and they would have gotten to the party and there would not have been a movie.  But it did happen and it was fantastic.

The second thing I wanted to talk about was the lack of cliche in the film.  The girls in the film invite these geeks to their party and the whole film you expect tragedy.  Becca talks nicely to Evan but the giggling from her friends makes you think there is something terrible going on…. but there isn’t.  The girls actually like our heroes.  That’s damn good ballsy film making.

That being said Superbad is very vulgar and it’s not the type of film I would recommend to my wife (or her sister) but I would force this film on anyone who loves good comedy and doesn’t mind the occasional (read:Constant) vulgar joke.


A tree on my house

A tree on my house, originally uploaded by joshparkerb3studios.

I’ve been busy lately. This blog has turned into a blog about yo-yoing, movies and my house…. I guess I never intended it to be much more than that. Well a tree fell on my house on Monday night and I spent all Tuesday getting it down. My yard is still full of debris but the majority of the problem has been taken care of.

My hands are scratched and cut like they have never been before. And to make matters worse I had to take apart one of our air conditioners last night…. do you want to know a really quick way to cut up your hands? Try grabbing a radiator for an air conditioner. Oh well, enough griping from me. The AC is fixed and the tree has been removed.

Tonight: Tux fitting and Superbad. Tomorrow: The Venture Brothers.


Cool Beans, As a fan

I laugh at movies a lot.  I laugh hard and I laugh loud.  But rarely do I laugh as hard or as loud as I did when I saw Hot Rod…. but then again I am a fan.  The movie had a few *in* jokes and stylistic editing that we come to expect from The Lonely Island (read: dudes responsible for comedy on Saturday Night Live) and I got most of it because I’ve seen all of their videos and listened to all of their podcasts. 

I remember a couple weeks ago watching a trailer for the film on TV and saying to my wife “The movie can’t be that bad… it’s just a bad trailer… right?”  She just sat there quietly.  After the film came out and it was reviewed poorly (average rating of 4.7 on Rotten Tomatoes) and only made $5 Million dollars on opening weekend (a fraction of its staggering $25 to $30 million budget… I wonder where all that money went) I again turned to my wife and said “when the dudes when to SNL they were still funny, is feature film making their limit?” and she just sat quietly once more.

I finally got to put my worries aside on Sunday when I went to see the movie with a few friends (and my wife) in an almost empty theater.  Now I understand why people didn’t enjoy the film as much as I did, for instance the film critics (and most of America) have no idea who Chester Tam (Chez-dizzle) is or why he would be doing pelvic thrusts.  They don’t know why it’s super funny that Rod woke up with a start and said “Hoobastank”.  But those things are still funny, right?  Suffice it to say, Lindsay liked the movie and so did the other non-Lonely-Island-viewing-wife in the group.

Don’t let the critics fool you, the movie Hot Rod is hilarious for anyone with a good sense of humor.  And it’s twice as good for any fan.  And comedy aside, it’s a pretty well crafted movie.  A clear beginning, a middle with some conflict and an albeit predictable but very well crafted ending.