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Not really sorry about not posting

I’ve been busy. With what you ask? Nothing specific and never you mind. I’ve had a few things to talk about but I haven’t felt like taking the time to say it.

I finally had a submission make it to the homepage of Digg. It was just a video of that chick from “The View” saying she didn’t know if the world was round or flat, I saw it on Reddit in the morning and managed to be the first one to submit it on Digg. Go me.

Most of you know I got a new Dog. That’s right, a second one. Her name is Ginger.

It’s actually a pretty funny story. I saw Ginger on Craigs List (I have a saved RSS search for the word “corgi”) being given away and we had been looking for a friend for Toby, so I clicked the article as fast as I could but alas I was too late. I was crush. Defeated. And downtrodden. Then that afternoon I got a call from Jen who runs the adoption agency where we got Toby. Jen said that she had found the perfect friend for Toby, and it was Ginger! Now they are best friends.

What else? Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul. We got a new roof (pics or it didn’t happen), but I don’t have pics yet. Here is a picture of Toby with Aarons dog Ralph, just because it’s cute.


A conservative’s perspective of the Republican Party

Unless I am seriously mis-reading the zeitgeist then a Neo-Conservative will NOT win the 2008 election. I think the citizens of this county are sick and tired of the bullshit factory that is the current administration. Would you agree? This is unabashedly an op-ed article and I strongly encourage you yell at me if you think I am being out of line. But I don’t think you will, because I think I am right in line with the climate.

The Republican Party is a joke. And that’s coming from a republican (nee conservative). We are out spending and out fighting our democratic counterparts. We have abandoned habeas corpus (more on that later). And republicans are causing the biggest losses to our civil liberties that this country has ever seen (Read: The Patriot Act).

Does this seem a little too ranty? Is “ranty” a word? MS Word Says “no”.

Historically the Republican Party is about non-intervention. Remember the Vietnam War was started by Lyndon Johnson (a democrat) and effectively ended by Richard Nixon (a republican).

Not to even mention the spending issue.

People are tired of the war. People are tired of the spending. People are tired of the continually weakening dollar. People are tired of this administration.

All these reasons, and more, are why I am supporting Ron Paul in his bid for the Republican Nomination for the 2008 presidential election.

You might not agree with him on all the issues, gun control for instance, but his foreign policy and economic policy should be enough to convince you that he is the man for the job. We need to get our troops out of Iraq. We don’t need to attack Iran. And we need to get our economy back in place. Ron Paul 2008.

For more information about Ron Paul, watch any of the videos that I have been posting on this blog for the past month. Go to . And if you want to get involved, then you can get involved.