Monthly Archives: October 2007

When did popular opinion stop mattering?

I guess it was when the Supreme Court elected George Bush as the president in 2000. A move that I didn’t really complain about at the time but now it worries me.

My dad was trying to convince me that even if Ron Paul supporters were able to get all the delegates they needed to get Ron Paul the nomination the republican party would still not endorse him on the grounds that he is not electable. Maybe I’ve gotten young and idealistic but shouldn’t the government and political parties be responding to the voice of the people? If the people are saying “we want out of Iraq” and there is a candidate that is saying “let’s get out of Iraq” then wouldn’t that make him “electable”?

Have I gone mad? Am I naïve? This isn’t a country that is governed by a ruling class. Every person has a voice and we elect people who we think will be represent that voice. The voice of this country is saying “get out of Iraq”. Hell, my voice is saying let’s get Bush out of office; he has been a complete and utter disgrace. I don’t really understand why there isn’t a Liberal Kenneth Starr forming a grand jury to indite and impeach Bush?

I’ve been thinking a lot about politics lately. Can you tell?


This is what my house looks like right now

It’s pretty isn’t it? We figured we’ll let it sit like this for the winter before we do something to make it worse.

I kid, I kid. I’ll post a picture once it’s pretty.

There seems to be something wrong with this math

This is that sign I was talking about. Tire price Discount Tire = 51.00, Tire price Fleet Farm = 44.95. Complete lifetime balance and rubber valve stem Discount Tire 13.00, Complete lifetime balance and rubber valve stem Fleet Farm 9.49. But then installed price for four tires at discount tire is $2.07 cheaper than Fleet Farm!

Quite frankly I don’t know how they come up with the installed price at all because it isn’t just tire price + valve stems + tax.

Truth be known I do like Discount Tire, I just think this sign is superdumb.