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Memorial Day weekend Update

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was good enough.  I think it could have been better if someone would have smacked Spielberg upside the head and told him to leave the Close Encounters of the Third Kind out of it.  Oh well, I guess it could have been a lot worse too.

So yeah… my parents house got hit by a tornado.  They are find, thank you for asking.  Sunday night after it hit I tried to get up there to help them but the neighborhood was being evacuated and I couldn’t get in.  We were able to get back into the neighborhood yesterday (after a series of cops told us ‘no, you can’t get in’ and us replying ‘yes we can’) and my parents faired very well through the ordeal.  The tornado made three holes in their house but from what we could tell there was nothing sentimental/valuable broken.

The scariest part for my family is that my father was asleep on the second floor about five minutes before the tornado blew it’s way through town.  If Mom had not been home to wake him up he could have been hurt… or worse.  It’s all speculation, but it’s still scary.

This picture is of the house directly across the street from my parents.  It’s completely destroyed, obviously.  House, garage and four cars (including the classic) all destroyed.

I can’t imagine having to rebuild your house from the ground up.  Hopefully the insurance companies for the community will fully support rebuilds and repairs, but that has got to be a lot of work emotionally and mentally to get back to where you were.  Forget this paragraph, I’m just rambling.

Best/only good news of today is that my next two college classes will be Intro to Visual Basic and Multimedia for the web.  I can’t wait to get back to classes that actually have to do with my degree.


Twitter Updates for 2008-05-26

  • Cops wont let me get to my parents. #
  • I can’t even get text messages out to twitter. Cell phones are all jammed. #
  • @sorrydad my parents are okay. But it was a close one, my dad was asleep in a room about 2 minutes before that room got destroyed. #
  • @iiyoyoguy @docpop yeah, parents are fine. I’ll let them know you’re thinking about them. #
  • @Aronj001 standing but not livable #
  • My parents are getting back in to their house today, im going with them. Still not open to the general public. #
  • #