Monthly Archives: July 2008

Captain hammer talked to me

How rad is that?  There has been a weak trend of weblebrities to shave their hair for charity, and I wondered if Captain Hammer might want to jump on that.  

Doctor Popular started a documentary club (it’s like a book club, but for lazy people).  You should check it out, it looks like the first documentary we are going to is Heavy Metal Parking Lot which is a documentary about tailgaters at a Judas Priest concert in 1986.  I cant wait to see it.

School is going well.  I’m developing a real understanding of both VB2005 and Flash CS3.  Flash is a lot more fun to use, but I think if I wasn’t doing stuff right out of the book I would be totally lost with what I could do with it.

I just noticed that Gonzo is playing at the uptown,do you want to go? 

Alright, back to homework now.  I’ll post bathroom pictures later.