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Movie Trailer Review, Episode 24

Tropic Thunder is awesome.  Ben Stiller has not yet made a bad movie, am I right or am I right?

Eagle Eye

Directed by Shia Laboufs live in boyfriend D.J. Caruso who also directed him Disturbia.  This trailer is pretty great, they cut it together in a way that makes me forget it stars Labouf and it is directed by Caruso.  The trailer starts with Shia getting a call from an anonymous voice telling him to escape from the feds who are out to get him.  It all seems very Matrix-y and it’s got a cool vibe.  But the movie is going to be terrible, I have already decided, and I’m sure people are going tell me months from now “It’s actually pretty good” and then I’ll be disappointed in them.


Did you see City of God?  Did you see The Constant Gardner?  Are you like me and think they are amazing?  Me too!!!  The trailer for Blindness has a crazy dystopian Children of Men kind of feel.  A disease sweeps the world that causes people to go blind, and the infected get swept away into quarantine colonies.  Julianne Moore stays with the blind for some reason and becomes some kind of leader of the infected.  The trailer is amazing.  Ah-freaking-mazing.

Movie Trailer Review, Episode 23

I saw Pineapple Express last night.  I was very disappointed.  Three new trailers to talk about.

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

Michael Cera is back as a musician snob who has one crazy night with a beautiful girl while trying to avoid his ex-girlfriend.  One thing can be said about this trailer, it sucks.  It did not make me want to see the movie, and that’s pretty significant because normally all you need to say is Michael Cera and I’m on board.  The trailer suffers from the popular syndrome of talking too much about the films plot and failing to show us why we would actually want to see the movie.  The film is directed by Peter Sollett and it’s based on a novel by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan and adapted for the screen by Lorene Scafaria.  Despite this trailer, Michael Cera is still enough to get me to see this film.

Death Race

Written and directed by the arch-nemesis of quality, Paul W.S. Anderson, who also brought us Alien vs. Predator, Resident Evil and Mortal Kombat (I guess I could soften the blow by mentioning that he also made Event Horizon).  Death Race is a remake of the ’70s era cult classic Death Race 2000 and it stars Jason Statham and a few other people.  The trailing was crappy and totally not interesting and I’m making an early judgement call that this film is going to be equally crappy and uninteresting.

Hamlet 2

Wow.  Just plain wow.  Hamlet 2 looks like a brilliant mixture of Family Guy and Waiting for Guffman.  There is an obvious heavy influence from a particular episode of Family Guy in which Peter directs a stage version of the King and I which turns out schlocky and terrible and people love it.  But I digress.  Hamlet 2 is about a high school theater teacher, played by Steve Coogan, who needs to put on the best production of his life in order to save his schools theater department.  So he comes up with a sequel to Hamlet in which Hamlet uses a time machine to meet Jesus (which leads to the hit single “Rock Me, Sexy Jesus”).  I really think that this film will be both brilliant and terrible at the same time.  The trailer for the film does a nice job of hitting key points and giving some good laughs, it’s not the best trailer, but it’ll do.  The film is directed by Andrew Fleming who directed an episode of Arrested Development and one of my favorite films Dick.  Fleming co-wrote the film with Pam Brady who I have mentioned before as being brilliant, she created the show The Loop (which I loved the first season of) and the film Hot Rod as well as working with the South Park guys on the features they have made.  Did I really just write this much about this film?