Monthly Archives: September 2008

Rock Band 2

Rock Band 2 came out today and I picked it up first thing this morning. After about an hour of play I’m going to fill you in on the bullet points.

1. No more solo tour. You can create a band and go through the world tour and it doesn’t matter if it’s just yourself or if you have three friends with you.

2. Quick Play; Play all songs. Now in the Quick Play mode there is an option to play all the songs in a category (i.e. apprentice, or genre).

3. The goals and ‘levels’ of the world tour are much better defined. It tells you exactly how many stars you need for a specific thing, and how many fans and so on.

4. All of my downloadable content just works.

5. World Tour over xbox live is finally an option! I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m sure it’s good to go.

Now the caviat. I’ve been pondering and wondering for months now about weather they are going to let you play the disc songs from Rock Band 1 in Rock Band 2 and then answer is YES! BUT!! Yes, but you have to buy a license key over xbox live for 400 points! Kinda bull shit if you ask me considering I already paid for those songs. But I’m stuck at the mercy and ponied up the dough.

I have not tried the drum trainer yet, so I’ll report back on that later.

Otherwise the game is exactly the same. When I use the game I feel ripped of for being charged again for essentially the exact same game that I already own. But then I realize that the set list owns and if I were to buy each of those songs over xbox live it would have cost way more than 60 bucks.