Monthly Archives: October 2008

I have not even been writing reviews

Sorry for my lack of updates, but I have not been updating much lately.

Work is going the best it has all year, knock on wood. School is also going well. Wife is good and dogs and house are well.

My M1330 on the other hand has had some problems that have caused me stress. I crashed it the other night and I’m having a nightmare of a time getting it back up to stable performance. I had a marathon session with Dell today and got nothing at all accomplished, last time I had to call Dell (5 years ago) I got the best service I have ever received from a company today I got just about the worst service. I asked for documentation specific to my M1330 on how to reinstall Vista, which drivers are specific to my machine and so on… seems like an acceptable request right? My dell service tag identifies my specific laptop and they should know exactly what drivers my laptop needs, right? Well when I asked this very simple question I was met with the audible equivalent of a stare. Why on earth would I need to know what drivers my laptop uses? After much poking and prodding and restating the question the guy (guy was supervisor of first person I talked to… first person was completely useless…. I mean that…. she told me everything from ‘it’s caused by Google Chrome’, to ‘your memory needs to be reseated’, and my personal favorite ‘windows update is breaking everyone’s computers and Dell recommends that you turn it off because it’s not compatible with your hardware’… but I digress) the guy told me that I need to install the chipset driver first and when I asked if Vista would recognize my chipset driver on installation he said ‘yes it would, but it might not be the best driver’ so I asked ‘how do I know what the best driver is?’ he back peddled and basically the whole conversation was a waste of my time and utterly (utterly) useless. Finally he provided this build order for reinstalling Vista….

Install the Hardware Drivers on the Portable Computer

Install the appropriate hardware drivers. Locate the Drivers and Utilities CD you received with your computer.

For the system to function properly, you must install your hardware drivers in the following order:

Desktop System Software or Notebook System Software

Chipset or SMBus driver

Processor Driver (if applicable)


Audio (sound)

Input Drivers (keyboard/mouse)

Modem (Desktop computers have a separate CD for the modem)

Network Card

I mean wow… right? That’s just the kind of documentation that I’m glad I paid extra for.

Alright, enough venting. Time for me to get back to my javascript studies. Bye!