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This title is a pretest for a loop

You can decide if that meets the qualification for you to continue or to skip it and move to the next one.

I am deep into development on two sites right now, and , (what you see there right now is not my work). The first one should be going live in about a week and the second one might take a couple weeks because the company is still trying to figure out exactly what they want.  Important things that I have learned,

1. XHTML Strict means nothing to IE6

2. Alpha transparencies with PNG mean nothing to IE6

3. Everything you want to do with javascript has already been done, so just use their code.

4. I want to be better at graphic design, but that’s just not going to happen, best to leave that to the pros.

I am also deep into a class on programming logic.  For loops, and while loops and structured programming and IPO charts and uml.  Delicious.

And then there is interpersonal communications… it’s so boring.

I got a very small link on laughing squid today thanks to doctor popularCheck it out.



Movie Trailer Review, Episode 25

Just saw Quantum of Solace and it kicked ass.  Saw five trailers to report on (and I saw one of them twice which was kinda lame).

Seven Pounds

This is another Will Smith movie.  Directed by Gabriele Muccino who also directed Smith in The Pursuit of Happyness.  This movie looks very good in much the same way that The Pursuit of Happyness looks very good and I’m not going to see it in much the same way I didn’t see The Pursuit of Happyness.

The Day The Earth Stood Still

Who’s bright idea was it to remake this movie?  They should not be allowed within five miles of authority to green light a film.  This is a modern remake of the 1951 classic “B’” movie of the same name.  For the record the trailer is just the worst…. the absolute worst.  How does anyone expect to take a schlocky sci-fi film and turn it into something that might have box office draw?  Or at least street cred?  Theory – it can’t be done.  2nd Theory – it shouldn’t be attempted again least Hollywood dies with a remake of Manos: Hands of Fate.

Fast & Furious

What what what?!?!?!  I don’t know what it is about this franchise, but they put out the best movie trailers.  In this one (number 4 for those who are counting) Paul Walker teams back up with Vin Diesel for… um… crime? Maybe not crime?  Who cares?  The trailer rocks.  Fast & Furious is directed by Justin Lin who also directed The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift which I did not see, but many people said they liked.  Game on.

Bedtime Stories

Adam Sandler stars in this Disney film where the bedtime stories that his niece and nephew help him make up end up coming true.  The trailer is very cute and if I had a niece in the area I would very willingly bring her to see this film.  It’s directed by Adam Shankman who has built a pretty solid career turning out crappy Hollywood films (read as: The Pacifier, Bringing Down The House, Cheaper By The Dozen 2, and my favorite A Walk To Remember).


Maybe it’s the scientology thing but I don’t really care to see Tom Cruise in movies anymore unless he is unrecognizableValkyrie is the ‘true’ story of an attempted assassination of Adolph Hilter by some members of the SS.  See?  Tom Cruise tries to kill Hilter so Tom Cruise can’t be all bad!  Incidentally the film is directed by Bryan Singer so it has a lot of buzz and it’s written by Christopher McQuarrie who also wrote Singers breakout flick The Usual Suspects.  I think I have digressed too much.  The trailer gives away almost the entire plot of the movie, while it did make me interested to see the film I believe that these sort of trailers ought to be banned.


Minnesota Passes historically bad legislation

We are already over taxed and passing this legislation was a huge mistake for Minnesota. Why doesn’t the pioneer press report the facts of the legislation instead of the touchy feely environmental crap, shouldn’t the loto dollars already be going to this? And I love the arts, theater, etc, but the government should not be passing a sales tax to support it.

Not only does it raise our taxes it also amends the Minnesota constitution in a move that says “let’s take two completely unrelated things and make people vote on them like they are one thing”. And this amendment gives a dissenting voice to those who chose to have no voice at all.

It does make me wonder if this amendment had already been in place if this bill would still have passed. Should they subject it to it’s own scrutiny?

This is a message to Pawlenty and the Minnesota Legislature, STOP TAXING! STOP NEEDLESS SPENDING! Let’s fix some bridges and potholes and do the things that the government supposed to do.