Monthly Archives: December 2008

I never intendid to use that theme that long

Seriously, I installed that last theme temporarily while I searched for a new theme then a year and a half passed. This theme was recently posted on smashing magazine and I just fell in love with it so I installed it and did a few slight modifications and here we are. There is a little bit too much space in the header and those links up top there are not in the right locations, but it’ll do until I learn how to fix it.

Also one of the sites I built is now live at The header was done by my friend Ryan Power and the xhtml was all done by myself and Kari Root. The xhtml validates as strict, because I’m awesome.

Next quarter I am taking “Introduction to Web Development Software” which I guess is just about Adobe Dreamweaver (lame), but I’m not sure what the other class I am going to take is. Rasmussen keeps insisting that I take classes online despite the fact that they advertised a 100% in classroom and at every chance I get I reaffirm that I don’t want to take classes online. Hopefully they will get their act together and get me in a solid programming class like Perl. Bye for now.