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Movie Trailer Review; Episode 27

The Brothers Bloom is a delightful romp… I’m not 100% on it, but I liked it well enough.  My favorite thing about going to Uptown to see a film is getting to see a bunch of trailers for movies that you’ve never heard of.

The Girl From Monaco

This film seems to be one of the millions of films that are made abroad every year that is in every way superior to the movies that come out of Hollywood.  The film looks sexy, with beautiful photography, the trailer had deceit and adventure and a sympathetic protagonist.  Only a small handful of those millions of foreign films make it to America at all, and every year only one of those films becomes a movie that average people might actually see, I don’t think this is that film.  This is the film that you see and it sticks with you but nobody else you ever meet will have even heard of the movie.  /commentary.  The Girl From Monaco is written and directed by Anne Fontaine who has several credits to her name in the vane of films that as an American I have never heard of.  The trailer introduces us to Bertrand, a lawyer who is defending someone in a murder case, and his bodyguard and his bodyguards former lover, The Girl From Monaco.  Soon it seems apparent that Bertrand is being played as a pawn in a greater scheme, but what could it be?

The Hurt Locker

In 1991 Katherine Bigelow made Point Break and for that I hate her for giving Keanu Reeves work.  I kid, I kid.  Point Break is a move that I dislike because it is dumb and bad, but a lot of people like it because they think it’s dumb and bad and awesome.  The Hurt Locker is Bigelows latest film which based on the trailer is smart, and awesome and awesome.  Set in the modern Iraq war, The Hurt Locker follows a bomb squad around in their work, it stars Jeremy Renner, Guy Pearce and Ralph Fiennes.  The trailer is action packed, fun and gives you just a hint of what the movie is about and really makes me want to see it.  This was a grade A trailer.

Rudo y Cursi

In my write up of The Girl From Monaco I ranted about foreign films that Americans never see, I do think Rudo Y Cursi is a foreign film that Americans might see. Rudo y Cursi is the story of two brothers from a small town that get the chance to follow their dream and play professional soccer.  The film is directed and written by Carlos Cuaron and produced by Alfonso Cuaron (Children of Men).  The trailer is a lot of fun and I really think it will be bigger than most foreign films get.

Away We Go

Enter Garden State, or Napoleon Dynamite, or JunoAway We Go is the indi darling film of the year.  Written by David Eggers (the master behind McSweeney’s) and directed by Sam Mendes (American Beauty), Away We Go is the story of an unmarried couple expecting a child and how their relationship grows as the pregnancy progresses.  It stars John Krasinski (The Office) and Maya Rudolph (SNL).  The trailer is fun and funny and it has a lot of good gags.  This is a stretch for me to think about Sam Mendes doing this light material (his last film, Revolutionary Road, was one of the heaviest unwatchable painful movies ever) but I’m excited to see what he does with the material.

Food Inc

A couple weeks ago I finally got around to seeing the documentary King Corn which attempts to take a look at the industrialization of corn farming in America.  The film analyzes how we got to this point and where all the corn goes and it does so with a pretty even hand, you can tell that they just want to shout that High Fructose Corn Syrup is evil, but they don’t do that, they just explain the pro’s and con’s of it.  Food Inc on the other hand seems to be dusting off the soap box (the one that is mostly crushed by Michael Moore) to take on food industry head on.  This film I will be approaching with the same delicate gloves that I use when I watch a Michael Moore film.  Food Inc is directed by Robert Kenner.

I feel like I’m missing one, but I can’t remember what it is.