Monthly Archives: July 2009

Where it came from…

I originally started this blog as a cathartic way to get things off my mind and fall asleep at night, as you have noticed I haven’t been blogging as much and as a result I have gradually been finding it harder to fall asleep.  I guess I’ll start blogging about my life again.

I really wanted to talk about String Burn LIVE!  If you have not heard me talk about it, SBL is a live video video show that streams online every Saturday morning at 10am Central time.  I’m doing the show, with my long-time production partner Dan Reifenberger, from the sun room off the back of my house and the blood sweat and tears of our “spare time”.  I was lucky to get a great co-host to sit next to me, and that’s fellow yo-yoer Kirby Kirchgasler.  I chose Saturday mornings because, what else are you doing Saturday mornings?  I figure that most people are sleeping or just lounging at that time and if they had something to watch they would tune in… I hope that works out.  Our other options were to do it M-F at about that time in the morning, but I figure that would negate most working people, and during the school year it would rule out students as well. Or we could have done it late at night, but there are problems there too.

When I was telling Dan about this idea he had just procured a program for is Mac called Boinx TV that does live multi camera switching and with a weird but functional hack to send it to UStream, and just like that the show was born.

I was looking for a name for the show and I asked my friend Robyn what it should be called and she came back with about a dozen suggestions like Recoil, Rebound, Spun, and Rope Burn, I saw that last one and said that’s it “String Burn LIVE!” and the name was born.

Is anyone still reading this?  I hope not, I’m just rambling.  rambling rambling rambling. apostrophe. rambling.

We have had some teases of opportunities for real studio space, and one of them might actually pan out.  The most important thing that we are looking for is bandwidth because the better looking the show is on the live stream the more viable it makes us look.  respect.

Our set is sparse, we don’t even have a logo yet and we have had some people bitch about those points, but you know what?  It’s our thing.  It’s our thing to build.  You can avoid our thing if you want, of you can help contribute to our thing, or you can build your own thing, but if you’re trying to tear our thing down then you need stfu.  We have had some good legit constructive criticism though, my friend James pointed me to Kevin Pollaks Chat Show as a source for inspiration for our set, black background.  It’s funny watching Kevin Pollaks Chat Show because he’s doing a very similar thing to what I am trying to do, except with some cash, a studio, staff, and a pipe to the intervision that must be a mile wide.  The funny thing, it’s funny watching that because he keeps making jokes about how they “are not ready yet”, well, I would die a happy man if SBL were at the same level that his show is at.

More rambling.

A logo for the show is coming very soon, I think you’re going to like it.

I dunno, that’s about it for now.  But I’ve got a lot more to talk about in the future.  You don’t have to read it, but I’ve gotta write it to get it off my mind.