HTPC Windows 7 MC Reinstall

I recently upgraded my Home Theater PC from The Windows 7 Release Candidate to the final release version.  These are the applications that I put in that install…

  • Coreavc
  • DVRMSToolbox
  • Chrome
  • HappyFish
  • HDHomerun Software
  • Hulu Desktop
  • Matroska Splitter
  • MCE Addin for DTB
  • Mkvtoolnix
  • AnyDVD
  • ShowAnalyzer
  • TotalMedia Theater
  • uTorrent
  • VLC
  • Microsoft Security Essentials
  • FFDshow

Up until now I have had an auxiliary monitors plugged into the workstation that sits off to the side of the computer in case we wanted to use it as a desktop, but over the past couple months we have not used it as such so I disconnected the auxiliary monitor and went though the entire install on my HDTV.  The installation went smoothly, however after rebooting the second or third time the computer would not post!  I unplugged the HDTV and plugged in my auxiliary monitor and it posted fine!  So I let the computer load on just the monitor and then I shut it down again and plugged in both monitors and it loaded fine.  So I shut it down again and plugged in just the HDTV again, and it loaded fine!!!!

So I installed all of my applications and got Media Center running but the DTB Addin kept crashing!  So I uninstalled DVRMSToolbox and the Addin and when I tried to reinstall it the installer throws an error 2869.  After some research on I found that I need to do a manual uninstall, so I went thought the huge process of unregistering dll files and removing things from the registry and deleted a bunch of files and restarted the computer.  But the installer still didn’t work… after loads of cussing and posting on it’s still not work… no amount of cussing seems to be working.

Without DVRMSToolbox working ShowAnalyzer is useless.   My dreams just keep shattering.

And the computer has frozen on 3 different occasions for no good reason.

And audio doesn’t seem to be working on Media Center with certain MKV files.

And the remote control isn’t working in TotalMedia Theater.

I’m so frusterated right now.  I think I’m going to nuke the whole thing and start over tomorrow, but it takes so much effing time to reinstall and configure the channels and everything!!!!

I’m done ranting now.

UPDATE: It seems that DTB is not required to use the Addin and ShowAnalyzer is skipping commercials with no trouble.  Huh…. who’da thought?

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